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Table 6 Differences in intellectual ability classification based on WISC-III full scale IQ (FSIQ) and classification based on mean normalized scores in boys and girls with FXS

From: A solution to limitations of cognitive testing in children with intellectual disabilities: the case of fragile X syndrome

FSIQ classification Normalized classification Males (%) Females (%)
No change in classification 57.9 54.5
Moderate ID Profound ID 3.3 0.0
Moderate ID Severe ID 16.4 4.2
Moderate ID Mild ID 19.1 10.2
Moderate ID Borderline 0.7 20.5
Borderline Low average 2.0 9.1
Low average Average 0.0 1.1
Average High average 0.0 1.1
High average Average 0.0 1.1