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Fig. 2

From: Hippocampus specific iron deficiency alters competition and cooperation between developing memory systems

Fig. 2

In vivo 1H NMR spectra measured from the left striatum of 3-month old Slc11a2hipp/hipp mice (n = 6) and Slc11a2WT/WT mice (n = 7). Inset: MR Images with the selected volume of interest centered in the left dorsal striatum. Abbreviations: Cr, creatine; Gln, glutamine; Glu, glutamate; GPC, glycerophosphocholine; GSH, glutathione; Lac, lactate; Ins, myo-inositol; NAA, N-acetylaspartate; PC, phosphorylcholine; PCr, phosphocreatine; Tau, taurine

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