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Table 7 Test retest reliability estimates over 1.5 years in a subset of the sample with DS (n = 10)

From: Development and validation of the Arizona Cognitive Test Battery for Down syndrome

Measure Test-retest ICC Mean difference across time Mean difference p value
Background and benchmark
 KBIT-II vocabulary raw score 0.93 −0.30 0.82
 KBIT-II riddles raw score 0.88 0.00 1.00
 KBIT-II matrices raw score 0.79 −1.10 0.50
 CANTAB spatial span span 0.94 0.50 0.10
 CANTAB first trials correct 0.78 0.60 0.69
 Computer generated arenaa
 CANTAB ID/ED errors 0.81 −1.80 0.39
 Modified dots task inhib. control phase percent correct 0.79 0.11 0.22
 Modified dots task combined phase percent correct 0.60 −0.01 0.91
 CANTAB simple RT median corr. latency (ms) 0.27 134.06 0.33
 NEPSY visuomotor precision total scorea
 Finger sequencinga
  1. ICC Intraclass correlation
  2. aToo few subjects received both sessions to measure reliability. In the case of the c–g arena the versions changed from baseline to retest