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Table 3 Domains of risk factor data collected from interviews, diaries and other self-report forms

From: Infant siblings and the investigation of autism risk factors

Risk factor domains Interviews Diaries Other self-report formsa
Demographics M, F   F
Medication exposure M, F M, S M, F, S
Medical conditions M M M, F, S
Pesticides   S M, S
Diet M S M
Home environmental exposures M M, S M, F
Health behaviors/lifestyle   S M, F
Mental condition/history/symptoms M M M, F, S
Vaccine history   M, S  
Personal product use M M, S M
Anthropometrics M M M
Medical procedures M M, S M, F
Occupational history    M, F
  1. aIncludes the following forms: Home Walkthrough Survey, Maternal Interview Update, CHARGE Family Medical History Form, Dietary History Questionnaires (preconception, 1 to 20 weeks, 21 to 36 weeks and postnatal), Health Behaviors Questionnaires (preconception, pregnancy and paternal), Paternal Interview, 24-Hour Recalls (food and environment), Stress and Depression Surveys, Postnatal Diaries, Blood Draw Information Form, Maternal Medical History, Post-Partum Environmental Exposures and Dust Field Log. M, mother; F, father; S, sibling.