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Table 2 Reported health problems during minocycline treatment

From: A pilot open-label trial of minocycline in patients with autism and regressive features

Subject URI a GI b Others
1 X   Hematuria, weight gain, hyperactivity, urinary tract infection
2c X   Increased aggression and head-banging, c/o head hurting
3   X Otitis media
4 X   Epistaxis, increased sensitivity to lights
5 X X Increased aggression
6 X   
7    Teeth staining; increased appetite, aggression and ritualistic behavior, weight gain, PICA
8 X X Microscopic hematuria
9   X  
10 X X  
11 X X  
  1. aURI, Upper respiratory infection symptoms.
  2. bGI, Gastrointestinal symptoms included nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea on at least one occasion.
  3. cSubject withdrew at three months.