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Figure 3

From: EEG hyper-connectivity in high-risk infants is associated with later autism

Figure 3

Probability of group differences as a function of between-electrode distance. Ordinate: Z-scores, Mann-Whitney U-test; abscissa: Euclidian distance between electrodes, where 1 corresponds to the maximal possible distance. Each pair of electrodes is represented by a dot. Red dots show Z values higher or lower then 1.96 (P < 0.05, two-tailed). For both HR-ASD (N = 10) vs. LR (N = 26) (left panel) and HR-ASD (N = 18) vs. HR-no-ASD (N = 18) (right panel) comparisons, the increased connectivity values in the HR-ASD group are observed irrespective of inter-electrode distance.

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