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Figure 4

From: EEG hyper-connectivity in high-risk infants is associated with later autism

Figure 4

Correlations (Spearman rho ) between alpha-range connectivity and ADI-R domains in HR-ASD infants ( N = 9*) and combined HR group ( N = 26*). Red and blue squares mark, respectively, HR-ASD and HR-no-ASD infants. Global connectivity (upper panels) marginally correlates with the ADI-R Social and Communication composite score and with the ADI Repetitive Behavior score in the combined HR sample. The lower panel shows the correlation between the ADI-R Repetitive Behavior score and dbWPLI values averaged across connections that were significantly elevated in HR-ASD comparative to both comparison groups. *Note that one HR-ASD infant and one HR-no-ASD infant did not have ADI-R data.

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