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Table 1 Summary of facial landmarks and distances measured in study 1

From: Sexually dimorphic facial features vary according to level of autistic-like traits in the general population

Number Landmark Facial distance
1 Ft-Ft Forehead width
2 Ex-Ex Outer canthal width
3 N-Prn Nasal bridge length
4 Sn-Prn Nasal tip protrusion
5 Sn-Ls Philtrum length
6 Al-Al Nose width
7 Ex-En (left) Eye fissure length (left)
8 Ex-En (right) Eye fissure length (right)
9 En-En Intercanthal width
10 Ch-Ch Mouth width
11 N-Sto Upper facial height
12 N-Sn Nose height
13 En-N (left) Nasal root height (left)
14 En-N (right) Nasal root height (right)
15 Sn-Sto Upper lip height
16 Ls-Sto Upper vermillion height
17 Sto-Li Lower vermillion height
18 Tr-G Forehead height
19 Sto-Pg Mandible height
20 Sbal-Sbal Alar base width
21 Sbal-Prn Alar length
22 Tr-Prn Upper profile height
23 Prn-Pg Lower profile height