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Table 8 The pairing of auditory words and silent visual articulations. Note that articulations that are congruent (i.e., match the preceding auditory word) in list A are incongruent (i.e., do not match the preceding auditory word) in list B

From: Atypical audiovisual word processing in school-age children with a history of specific language impairment: an event-related potential study

  List A List B
  Auditory word Silent visual articulation Auditory word Silent visual articulation
1 Shower Shower Candy Donkey
2 Tree Lamb Cat Cat
3 Jello Jello Jello Monkey
4 Cat Girl Egg Egg
5 Egg Pool Donut Bottle
6 Donut Donut Zipper Present
7 Zipper Zipper Donkey Candy
8 Donkey Donkey Shirt Shirt
9 Grapes Grapes Grapes Farm
10 Police Apple Police Police
11 Truck Belt Apple Apple
12 Apple Police Truck Truck
13 Monkey Monkey Monkey Jello
14 Sandwich Mailman Sandwich Sandwich
15 Car Car Car Fish
16 Turtle Turtle Turtle Popcorn
17 Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel Pretzel
18 Window Window Window Sandbox
19 Sled Bird Sled Sled
20 Necklace Necklace Bread Duck
21 Water Water Water Carrot
22 Sink Sink Sink Mop
23 Paint Paint Paint Woods
24 Pretzel Pretzel Pretzel Squirrel
25 Nail Peas Nail Nail
26 Bird Sled Bird Bird
27 Corn Corn Corn Frog
28 Couch Couch Couch Moose
29 Farm Farm Farm Grapes
30 Airplane Pumpkin Airplane Airplane
31 Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn Turtle
32 Penguin Doctor Penguin Penguin
33 Knife Mouth Mouth Mouth
34 Arm Horse Arm Arm
35 Bed Ear Bed Bed
36 Present Present Present Zipper
37 Sandbox Sandbox Sandbox Window
38 Mop Mop Mop Sink
39 Mailman Sandwich Mailman Mailman
40 Lamb Tree Shower Necklace
41 Candy Candy Duck Bread
42 Scissors Balloon Scissors Scissors
43 Pool Egg Pool Pool
44 Bee Bee Bee Eye
45 Chair Boat Chair Chair
46 Cake Ball Cake Cake
47 Boy Boy Boy Dog
48 Sprinkler Muffin Sprinkler Sprinkler
49 Elephant Elephant Elephant Teddy bear
50 Comb Beach Comb Comb
51 Jar Purse Jar Jar
52 Horse Arm Horse Horse
53 Sweater Sweater Sweater Picture
54 Moose Moose Moose Couch
55 Muffin Sprinkler Muffin Muffin
56 Ear Bed Ear Ear
57 Toys Toys Toys Bus
58 Bus Bus Carrot Water
59 Carrot Carrot Teacher Buttons
60 Teacher Teacher Hammer Hammer
61 Hammer Pizza Bus Toys
62 Frog Frog Frog Corn
63 Shirt Foot Necklace Shower
64 Buttons Buttons Buttons Teacher
65 Ball Cake Ball Ball
66 Beach Comb Beach Beach
67 Girl Cat Girl Girl
68 Mouth Knife Knife Knife
69 Peas Nail Peas Peas
70 Woods Woods Woods Paint
71 Picture Picture Picture Sweater
72 Purse Jar Purse Purse
73 Belt Truck Belt Belt
74 Wolf Wolf Wolf House
75 Scarf Scarf Scarf Broom
76 Teddy bear Teddy bear Teddy bear Elephant
77 House House House Wolf
78 Eye Eye Eye Bee
79 Dog Dog Dog Boy
80 Flower Orange Flower Flower
81 Doctor Penguin Doctor Doctor
82 Foot Shirt Foot Foot
83 Broom Broom Broom Scarf
84 Tractor Pencil Tractor Tractor
85 Circus Money Circus Circus
86 Balloon Scissors Balloon Balloon
87 Orange Flower Orange Orange
88 Pencil Tractor Pencil Pencil
89 Pumpkin Airplane Pumpkin Pumpkin
90 Bread Bread Lamb Lamb
91 Money Circus Money Money
92 Bottle Bottle Bottle Donut
93 Boat Chair Boat Boat
94 Pizza Hammer Pizza Pizza
95 Fish Fish Fish Car
96 Duck Duck Tree Tree