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Fig. 6

From: Effects of early-life exposure to THIP on phenotype development in a mouse model of Rett syndrome

Fig. 6

Improvement of TH and DBH expressions with THIP administration in MECP2-null mice. a-c, qPCR analysis showed that during THIP treatment (P37), both TH and DBH transcript levels were significantly increased (vehicle: n = 4 and n = 4 animals; THIP: n = 5 and n = 5 animals; WT and MECP2-null, respectively). d-f, The Western analysis also indicated that THIP treatment significantly increased the protein expressions of both TH and DBH (vehicle: n = 4 and n = 4 animals; THIP: n = 4 and n = 4 animals; WT and MECP2-null, respectively; *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001; one-tailed Student’s t test)

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