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Fig. 1

From: Delta rhythmicity is a reliable EEG biomarker in Angelman syndrome: a parallel mouse and human analysis

Fig. 1

Delta power is increased in AS model mice. a LFP recording configuration from the primary visual cortex in awake mice. b Representative examples show increased delta rhythmicity in AS model mice. c, d Power spectra of group data (WT: n = 23, AS: n = 24; shading indicates ±sem; d is plotted on log scale). e Enhanced delta power (2–4 Hz) in AS mice (*p = 0.012, Student’s t test). f Theta (5–10 Hz), (g) beta (13–30 Hz), (h) gamma (30–50 Hz), and (i) total (1–50 Hz) power were not different between groups (theta: p = 0.858, beta: p = .509, gamma: p = 0.304, total: p = 0.075). j Enhanced relative delta power in AS mice (**p = 0.008)

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