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Table 2 Summary of nonverbal working memory and morphosyntactic processing relationships for the diagnostic groups and language status groups

From: The role of nonverbal working memory in morphosyntactic processing by children with specific language impairment and autism spectrum disorders

Diagnostic groups A’ early errors A’ late errors RT Early Errors RT late errors
TD NS R 2 = 0.20* NS R 2 = 0.22*
ASD R 2 = 0.30* R 2 = 0.31* NS NS
Language status Groups     
NL NS R 2 = 0.20* NS NS
LI R 2 = 0.21* NS NS NS
  1. Note: A’ sensitivity, RT reaction time, TD typical development, ASD autism spectrum disorders, SLI specific language impairment, NL normal language, LI language impairment, NS not significant
  2. *p  < .05 after Holm-Bonferroni correction