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Table 1 Experimentally validated miR-137 target genes (summarized in Additional file 1: Table S4) with a significant expression difference in the DLPFC (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex) between SCZ and control individuals. The log2-fold change and P values were taken from the analysis published by the CommonMind Consortium (summarized in Additional file 1: Table S5). The log2-fold change was calculated by adding 1 to the respective values. The Benjamini-Hochberg method was used to correct for multiple testing with a false discovery rate of 10%. SCZ schizophrenia, ASD autism spectrum disorders, BD bipolar disorder, ID intellectual disability

From: A direct regulatory link between microRNA-137 and SHANK2: implications for neuropsychiatric disorders

Gene symbol Ensemble ID Log2-fold change P value Association to neurodevelopmental/neuropsychiatric disease Ref.
RORA ENSG00000069667 1.118 1.21E−05 ASD candidate [43]
CPLX1 ENSG00000168993 0.820 4.60E−04 Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome [44]
TCF4 ENSG00000196628 1.063 4.97E−04 SCZ, Pitt-Hopkins syndrome [18, 45]
SIRT1 ENSG00000096717 1.074 5.59E−04 SCZ [46]
ESRRA ENSG00000173153 0.888 2.72E−03   
CDK6 ENSG00000105810 1.087 3.86E−03 Microcephaly [47]
XIAP ENSG00000101966 1.060 4.68E−03 SCZ [48]
ZNF804A ENSG00000170396 1.108 5.29E−03 SCZ, BD [49]
MET ENSG00000105976 1.132 5.34E−03   
CTBP1 ENSG00000159692 0.936 5.77E−03   
GRIA1 ENSG00000155511 1.068 8.78E−03 SCZ [32, 50]
KLF12 ENSG00000118922 1.066 1.10E−02   
MSI1 ENSG00000135097 0.865 1.23E−02   
KDM5B ENSG00000117139 1.049 1.45E−02 ID, ASD [51]
PAQR3 ENSG00000163291 1.067 1.71E−02   
TRIM13 ENSG00000204977 1.050 2.28E−02