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Fig. 5

From: Lesser suppression of response to bright visual stimuli and visual abnormality in children with autism spectrum disorder: a magnetoencephalographic study

Fig. 5

Grand-average cortical activation in response to each image for each group. The mean cortical activation from 200 to 400 ms after stimulus onset are indicated on the normalized brain surface for each group. The activation patterns at the occipital, temporal, and parietal cortices in the TD group have been shown. These activations were decreased in the case of bright (Dot noise and Blind) images compared with the Original image. The cortical activation in response to the Original image increased in the ASD group compared with that in the TD group. The attenuation of the response to bright image in the ASD group weakened compared with that in the TD group. Typically developing (TD); autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

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