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Table 1 Infant risk and protective markers at 14 months: AOSI score, activity level and regulatory function

From: Infant regulatory function acts as a protective factor for later traits of autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder but not callous unemotional traits

Early ASD-like behaviour (AOSI)
 Mean (SD)4.88 (4.52)3.31 (3.57)4.14 (4.15)
Activity level (IBQ-R)
 Mean (SD)4.27 (0.96)4.010 (0.74)4.19 (0.86)
Regulatory function (IBQ-R)
 Mean (SD)4.47 (0.65)4.81 (0.47)4.63 (0.60)
  1. AOSI Autism Observation Scale for Infants, IBQ-R Infant Behavior Questionnaire—revised