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Fig. 2

From: Early white matter development is abnormal in tuberous sclerosis complex patients who develop autism spectrum disorder

Fig. 2

White matter regions of interest (ROI) superimposed on a color map of the principal diffusion directions. Red color map voxels indicate left-right diffusion, green color map voxels indicate anterior-posterior diffusion, blue color map voxels indicate inferior-superior diffusion, and other colors indicate intermediate diffusion directions. Four axial slices from a single scan depict 2D slices of 3D white matter ROI, outlined in unique colors: light blue = cingulum, green = corpus callosum, white = arcuate fasciculus waypoint to Broca’s; royal blue = arcuate fasciculus Geschwind’s territory, red = anterior limb of the internal capsule, orange = posterior limb of the internal capsule, yellow = arcuate fasciculus Wernicke’s area, pink = sagittal stratum, and purple = uncinate fasciculus

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