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Fig. 3

From: Reducing Th2 inflammation through neutralizing IL-4 antibody rescues myelination in IUGR rat brain

Fig. 3

Injection of IL-4 blocking antibody reverses increases in IL-4 protein and decreases in myelin proteins in IUGR. a IUGR and control pups were injected with IL-4 neutralizing antibody or PBS from days 1–5, and total brain lysates were collected at P14. IL-4 levels were measured by Luminex assay. Data are expressed as fold change compared with controls (n = 5 measurements/age/group). *Significant difference at P < 0.05 versus control PBS, two-tailed T test. **Significant difference at P < 0.05 versus IUGR PBS, two tailed T test. b Expression of myelin basic protein (MBP) was assessed at P14 in IUGR and control pups treated with anti-IL-4 or PBS from days 1–5. MBP and loading control (beta-tubulin) expressions are shown from three animals for each treatment type and demonstrate significantly lower of MBP expression in PBS-treated IUGR pups increasing to normal levels after anti-IL-4 treatment. c Western blot quantification relative to loading control also shows normalization of MBP expression in brain lysates from anti-IL-4-treated IUGR pups at P14. *Significant difference at P = 0.0009 versus control PBS, two-tailed T test. **Significant difference at P = 0.0006 versus IUGR PBS, two-tailed T test. d and e Proteolipid protein (PLP) *Significant difference at P = 0.00002 versus control PBS, two-tailed T test. **Significant difference at P = 0.031 versus IUGR PBS, two-tailed T test. f and g 2′,3′-Cyclic-nucleotide 3′-phosphodiesterase (CNP) expression levels are likewise significantly lower in PBS-treated IUGR pups, increasing to near normal levels in anti-IL-4-treated animals. N = 6 pups per group for all myelin proteins. *Significant difference at P = 0.00012 versus control. **Significant difference at P = 0.041 versus IUGR PBS, two-tailed T test

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