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Fig. 4

From: Reducing Th2 inflammation through neutralizing IL-4 antibody rescues myelination in IUGR rat brain

Fig. 4

Microglia/macrophages return to control levels with injection of IL-4 neutralizing antibody. Sections of IUGR and control rat brains injected with IL-4 neutralizing antibody or PBS from days 1–5 were labeled with IBA1 antibody to identify microglia/macrophages. Quantification of IBA+ cells per ROI in corpus collosum (n = 3 rats per condition) demonstrates that microglia/macrophage levels decrease after anti-IL-4 injection. *Significant difference at P = 0.002 versus control PBS, two-tailed T test. **Significant difference at P < 0.015 versus IUGR PBS, two-tailed T test

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