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Table 1 Adolescent participant characteristics

From: Initial eye gaze to faces and its functional consequence on face identification abilities in autism spectrum disorder

 ASD (n = 21) TD (n = 21) Statistical Comparison
Full Scale IQ104.52(11.84)84–133107.24(12.15)78–126.73.47
Performance IQ105.76(13.76)77–132105.38(12.84)77–131.09.93
Verbal IQ102.62(13.75)71–138107.62(9.78)85–1221.36.18
ADOS-2 Severity6.48(1.66)3–91.10(.30)1–214.6< .001
  1. Note: All IQ scores are estimated from the WASI-II or abbreviated versions of the WISC-IV or WAIS-IV. ADOS-2 Severity is the calibrated severity score, which ranges from 1 to 10, with higher numbers reflecting more severe ASD symptoms [60, 61]