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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of patient characteristics at pre-treatment clinic visit

From: Controlled trial of lovastatin combined with an open-label treatment of a parent-implemented language intervention in youth with fragile X syndrome

MeasureLovastatinPlaceboP value
N, enrolled1416 
N, incomplete20 
Age13.86 ± 2.1413.17 ± 2.540.4307
 African American01
Leiter-R Brief IQ standard score44.00 ± 9.2243.13 ± 6.240.7604
Leiter-R growth score461.40 ± 13.32462.30 ± 8.570.8273
ADOS-2 comparison score6.85 ± 2.546.75 ± 2.050.911
Parent education level0.764
 HS grad/GED01
 Master’s degree +44
 Some college25
 Some grad work10