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Table 3 Description of the PILI sessions conducted each week

From: Controlled trial of lovastatin combined with an open-label treatment of a parent-implemented language intervention in youth with fragile X syndrome

Coaching sessionThe clinician delivered a real-time coaching session to the parent as he/she interacted with the youth with FXS in shared storytelling. The coaching was provided to the parent via a single earbud headphone so that the child could not hear the clinician.
Homework sessionThe parent independently video-recorded a homework session in which he/she engaged in a shared storytelling activity with the youth with FXS using the same book as in coaching. The video was uploaded to the clinician via a secure cloud-based platform.
Feedback sessionThe clinician provided feedback to the parent regarding the homework in a VTC session.
Final storytelling sessionThe clinician observed, without coaching or intervention, a final storytelling session between parent and youth with FXS. This session was video recorded for subsequent analysis of parental strategy use and youth language and communication. A different book was used by the parent each week so that he/she gained practice in the responsive strategies and the dyad practiced the shared storytelling process rather than simply memorizing how to tell a particular story.