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Table 2 Psychiatric characteristics of patients with NRXN1 SNVs and summary of functional analyses

From: Functional characterization of rare NRXN1 variants identified in autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia

Variant T737M T737M D772G R856W
Gender M F M F
Inheritance Maternal Unknown Maternal Maternal
Age of evaluation (years) 32 68 9 40
Age at psychosis onset (years) 25 19
Educational years 16 12 3 12
Marital status Unmarried Married with one healthy daughter and two grandchildren Unmarried
Occupation Desk work with special support Housewife, part-time worker Elementary school student (special needs)
Hospitalizations 21 years (since her onset)
Neuropsychiatric comorbidity FIQ 116, depression, ADHD - ID, ODD Treatment-resistant cognitive deficit with continuous delusions
GAF score of evaluation 66 72 33 22
GAF score of lowest ever 35 32 8 1
Cell surface expression
Interaction with NLGN1
Synaptogenic activity
Destabilization score of NRXN1 L-shape 1.32 1.93 0.02
  1. ASD autism spectrum disorders, SCZ schizophrenia, M male, F female