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Table 1 Participant characteristics and sample sizes

From: Quantitative trait variation in ASD probands and toddler sibling outcomes at 24 months

 Probands (n = 385)Siblings
ASD (n = 89)No-ASD (n = 296)Chi squarea
Sex      14.690.0001
Child race      10.970.6887
 More than one race369.41314.6268.8  
 Not answered348.81011.2248.1  
Maternal education      4.030.1336
 No college12532.53640.59130.7  
 College degree15339.72831.512542.2  
 Graduate degree9424.42325.87124.0  
Number of assessmentsb        
  1. aComparison between siblings with and without a diagnosis of ASD
  2. bNumber of participants with at least one of the scales of interest from each assessment