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Table 2 Neuropsychological functional domains and variables chosen for each domain

From: Neuropsychological changes in FMR1 premutation carriers and onset of fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome

Functional domain


Episodic memory


CANTAB PAL* total errors


WMS Logical Memory II - Recall

Working memory


CANTAB SWM between errors


WMS Letter-Number Sequencing

Inhibitory control

CANTAB SST median correct RT on Go (ms)

Visual attention

CANTAB RVP A' signal detection


CANTAB OTS problems solved on first choice

Motor function

 Executive control of movement


 Manual movement speed

CANTAB RTI 5-choice movement time (ms)

 Manual reaction time

CANTAB RTI 5-choice reaction time (ms)

 Manual dexterity

Purdue Pegboard (R+L+both hands)

  1. *CANTAB subtest abbreviations are as follows: PAL Paired Associates Learning, SWM Spatial Working Memory, SST Stop Signal Task, RVP Rapid Visual Processing, OTS One Touch Stockings of Cambridge, RTI reaction time