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Figure 2

From: Visual search for feature conjunctions: an fMRI study comparing alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder (ARND) to ADHD

Figure 2

fMRI activation maps. fMRI activation maps for (A) the disjunction contrast (FWE p = 0.001, corrected for multiple comparisons using cluster size = 10), (B) the conjunction contrast (FWE p = 0.001, corrected, cluster size = 10), and (C) the conjunction minus disjunction contrast (FWE p = 0.05, corrected, cluster size = 22). R, right; L, left. The color of the activations corresponds to increased significance with increasingly hot colors (black-red-yellow-white); activations range from T = 1.9 (p = 0.05) for (C) and T = 3.9 (p = 0.001) for (A) and (B) to a maximum of T = 14.

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