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Table 1 Performance and parent-report observational (PRO) measures used for convergent validity by NIH-TCB construct in study 3

From: The NIH Toolbox Cognitive Battery for intellectual disabilities: three preliminary studies and future directions

Construct Toolbox task Validation measures Type
Cognitive flexibility Dimensional charge card sort (DCCS) KiTAP flexibility: errors and median Rxn time Performance
BRIEF-preschool flexibility scale
BRIEF-school-age emotional control and shift scale
Inhibitory control and visual attention Flanker KiTAP go/no-go: errors, median, and SD Rxn time Performance
ABC hyperactivity subscale raw score PRO
BRIEF-preschool and school-age inhibit scale PRO
KiTAP distractibility: errors, median, and SD Rxn time Performance
SWAN attention subscale PRO
Receptive vocabulary Picture vocabulary PPVT-4 raw score Performance
Letter ID and word reading Oral reading WJ-4 letter/word ID raw score Performance
Episodic memory Picture sequence memory Leiter-R forward memory raw score Performance
Leiter-R spatial memory picture score Performance
Processing speed Pattern comparison KiTAP go/no-go: errors, median, and SD Rxn time Performance
Working memory List sorting SB-5 verbal working memory Performance
BRIEF-preschool and school-age working memory scale PRO