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Table 7 Summary of significant (p < .01) associations between sleep disturbance, health conditions and behaviour for each group

From: A cross-syndrome cohort comparison of sleep disturbance in children with Smith-Magenis syndrome, Angelman syndrome, autism spectrum disorder and tuberous sclerosis complex

Age + age/night waking N/A N/A N/A
Health + number and severity of health conditions/sleep disordered breathing
+ symptoms indicative of GORD/sleep-disordered breathing/parasomnias
+ symptoms indicative of GORD/sleep-disordered breathing + number and severity of health conditions/sleep-disordered breathing/parasomnias
+ symptoms indicative of GORD/sleep onset latency/night waking
+ symptoms indicative of GORD/night waking/parasomnias/sleep-disordered breathing
Overactivity and impulsivity N/A N/A + overactivity and impulsivity/night waking
+ overactivity/parasomnias/ sleep-disordered breathing
+ overactivity/parasomnias
  1. N/A no significant correlation, p > .01; + significant positive correlation