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Table 2 Clusters with significant effect of group and group by sex interaction

From: A diffusion-weighted imaging tract-based spatial statistics study of autism spectrum disorder in preschool-aged children

EffectFeatureCluster IDTract(s)ptmaxvoxelsX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)
DiagnosisFA1R/L middle/superior cerebellar peduncle, corticospinal tract, cerebral peduncle, anterior/posterior internal capsule, L anterior/superior/posterior corona radiata, posterior thalamic radiation, external capsule, fornix, superior longitudinal fasciculus, superior, fronto-occipital fasciculus0.0134.5757485− 30− 18
  2R anterior/posterior internal capsule, superior/posterior corona radiata, posterior thalamic radiation, inferior longitudinal fasciculus, inferior frontal-occipital fasciculus, external capsule0.0264141630− 3112
  3Genu/body/splenium corpus callosum, R anterior/superior/posterior corona radiata0.0155.17103717233
  4R inferior longitudinal fasciculus, inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus0.0384.0239936− 34− 18
  5R anterior corona radiata0.0453.77938376
  6R anterior corona radiata0.0483.35481929− 5
  7R anterior limb internal capsule0.0473.662816109
  8R forceps major, posterior corona radiata0.053.29635− 6319
Diagnosis-by-sexAD1Genu/body corpus callosum, R anterior/superior corona radiata0.0363.6153216232
  2R anterior/superior corona radiata, external capsule0.043.51445252819
  3Body/splenium corpus callosum, R posterior corona radiata0.0384.1426316− 2630
  4Genu/body corpus callosum0.0423.3922911220
  5R anterior corona radiata0.0472.9680301830
  6Body corpus callosum0.0453.5745− 1− 424
  1. Note: Clusters of significant group differences (ASD > TD) and diagnosis-by-sex interaction effects. Fractional anisotropy (FA), axial diffusivity (AD), tracts identified according to the MRI Atlas of Human White Matter [77], L (left), R (right), p indicates the threshold-free cluster enhancement-corrected p value for the cluster, tmax indicates maximum t statistic within the cluster at X Y Z MNI coordinates in millimeters