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Fig. 7

From: Spatiotemporal development of spinal neuronal and glial populations in the Ts65Dn mouse model of Down syndrome

Fig. 7

Motor abnormalities in Ts65Dn. Motor function assessed by a–d hind-limb extension reflex and e hanging wire tests of 3-month-old euploid and Ts65Dn mice show significant impairment in Ts65Dn mice. For the hind-limb extension reflex, each mouse was suspended by its tail for 10 s and its hind-limb posture was scored as 2 (a), 1 (b), or 0 (c). For the hanging wire test, each mouse is placed on top of a standard wire cage and the latency to fall from the lid is recorded when the lid is turned upside down. Score values shown in d and e represent mean ± SEM of 6 tests on three different days and 2 tests on two different days, respectively (n = 14 euploid, 15 Ts65Dn; **p < 0.0001, *p < 0.05)

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