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Table 1 Categories used in the database and circular barplots. Every data point was assigned to a category, subcategory, and an interpretation

From: Comparison of SHANK3 deficiency in animal models: phenotypes, treatment strategies, and translational implications

Category Subcategory Interpretation Shortcut
Structure Molecular Protein_composition PROT_COMP
   Protein_localization PROT_LOC
   Protein_interaction PROT_INT
   RNA_composition RNA_COMP
   Cytoskeleton CYTSKEL
   Epigenetics EPIGEN
  Physiology Synaptic_transmission SYN_TRANS
   Synaptic_plasticity SYN_PLST
   Homeostatic_plasticity HOM_PLST
   Cellular_excitability CELL_EXC
   Signaling SGNLNG
   Translation TRNSLTN
   Functional_connectivity CON_FUN
   Induced_connectivity CON_IND
   Baseline_neuronal_activity NEUACT_BAS
   Induced_neuronal_activity NEUACT_IND
   Neuronal_encoding NEU_ENC
   Synaptic_maturation SYN_MAT
   Inflammation INFLAM
   Microbiome MCRBM
   GIT_permeability GIT_PERM
  Morphology Region CNS_REGION
   Tracts CNS_TRACT
   Neuroanatomy NEUANTMY
   Spines SPINE
   Synapses SYNAPSE
   Dendrites DENDR
   Skeletal_muscle SKEL_MUSC
Behavior Social Social_motivationinteraction SOC_MOTINT
   Social_recognition SOC_REC
   Social_communication SOC_COM
  Stereotypies Repetitive_behavior REP_BHVR
   Perseverative_behavior PERSVRTN
   Restricted_interests RSTR_INTRST
  Other_behavior Anxiety ANXTY
   Avoidance_behavior AVD_BHVR
   Aggression AGGRSN
   Escape_behavior ESC_BHVR
   Food_intake FOOD_INT
   Circadian_rhythm CIRCDN
Neurology Cognition Spatial_learning SPTL_LRN
   Associative_learning ASSO_LRN
   Instrumental_learning INSTR_LRN
   Perceptual_learning PRCPTL_LRN
   Recognition_memory REC_MEM
   Attention ATTN
  Motor Activity ACT
   Neuromuscular NRMUSC
   Sensorimotor SENSMOT
   Motor_learning MOT_LRN
   Motor_general MOT_GEN
  Sensory Somatosensory SOMSENS
   Sensorimotor_gating SENSMOT_GT
   Olfaction OLF
   Vision VIS
   Audition AUD
   Vestibular VEST
  Other_neurology Seizures SEIZRS
   Sleep SLEEP