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Table 1 Top 5 most significantly over-represented KEGG pathways and gene ontology (GO) terms represented by genes in module 19

From: Hippocampal transcriptome analysis following maternal separation implicates altered RNA processing in a mouse model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Termp value
KEGG pathway 
 RNA degradation0.0051
 Rap1 signaling0.0079
 Prostate cancer0.0088
 Arginine and proline metabolism0.0102
 Adherens junction0.0111
Cellular components 
 Beta-catenin-TCF complex0.0006
 Pigment granule0.0009
 Azurophil granule lumen0.0047
Biological processes 
 Positive regulation of binding0.0006
 Notch signaling pathway0.0007
 MAPK cascade0.0009
 Regulation of protein targeting to mitochondrion0.0011
 Regulation of protein metabolic process0.0012
Molecular functions 
 RNA polymerase II regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding0.0010
 Chromo shadow domain binding0.0014
 RNA polymerase II distal enhancer sequence-specific DNA binding0.0025
 Ubiquitin-like protein ligase binding0.0046
 RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding0.0057